Vystar Credit Union – Jacksonville, FL


Vystar Credit Union understood the importance of adjusting their operations to accommodate their employees. To keep production churning and to hit their goals, they knew that employee health and safety was imperative. With many complaints of temperature and uncomfortable working conditions, they found a company that could help them keep their employees and customers content. They reached out to Brooks to overhaul their outdated, ill-functioning system—inefficient chiller and air handlers were replaced thanks to our work.

Equipment Used:

Daikin Vision Air Handlers, Daikin Pathfinder Variable Speed Screw Compressor Chiller


Vystar went with Daikin’s Pathfinder variable speed screw compressor chiller; with their old system taking up so much space and inconvenient to work on if maintenance was necessary, they chose a unit that was custom-designed to their specific dimensions and easy to reassemble. The Daikin Vision units were taken apart in the parking lot and then put together again in the same mechanical room (now with more free space) over a long weekend.

Brooks completed the job with zero downtime for Vystar—no disruptive maintenance sounds delaying productivity, no fluctuating temperatures, or dirty air stunting day-to-day operations. We understood that Vystar needed to continue working with no delays and made it a priority to keep their building in presentable and working condition.

We know how important the work you do is to your company. At Brooks, our job is to make sure we put you in the best possible position to keep doing what makes your business unique. Vystar found a cost-efficient solution to their ongoing energy issues and were able to start firing on all cylinders from the day of installation onward.