There’s no room for error when it comes to deescalating a dangerous situation. It’s imperative that cooler heads prevail, which is why Brooks installed a Daikin variable refrigerant volume for better temperature control for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). When the FLETC needed to renovate their building, they knew Brooks would take care of the job as if it were our facility.

Equipment Used:

Daikin Refrigerant Volume System, Addison 100% Outside System, Variable Speed Compressor


The FLETC needed a more cost-effective, energy-efficient solution for their operations—the variable refrigerant volume system reduced their energy consumption by using a variable speed compressor, meaning more time and effort allocated toward developing their top-of-the-line curriculum and intensive training programs. An Addison 100% outside air system dehumidified the outside air to maintain clean, healthy conditions for the attentive students and faculty. FLETC made the adjustments necessary to keep their environment pure and free from harmful elements and unjust operation costs—let Brooks do the same for your facility.


General Contractor: Northcon

Mechanical Contractor: Grau Mechanical

MEP Engineer: HDR