Analyze Data In Real-Time For Peak Performance

Explore, Evaluate, and Reassess

Automating your building system opens up a whole new avenue for your facility to explore, evaluate, and assess money saving operations. There’s no more efficient way to keep tabs on performance, monitor your success, and adjust system performance, than implementing a Building Analytics platform. When it comes to automating your facility, Brooks Building Solutions wants to make sure that your team is heavily involved throughout the process, so that you’re aware of every step we take to ensure optimal performance..

Analyze your building in real-time

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What Can Building Analytics Do?

Analyzing concrete data from your facility’s performance enables your team to comprehensively structure your operations and maintenance around your end goals, both financial and procedural. Identify areas where your building can improve costs or optimize efficiency by accessing your building dashboard to view your options in a clear, user-friendly fashion. With building analytics, your team can:

  • Analyze reports and operations in real-time
  • Address areas where your facility is lacking in functionality
  • Monitor your HVAC units for efficiency and uncover the cause of errors or discrepancies
  • View your dashboard for a comprehensive, user-friendly operations guide that provides clear insight to the usage of systems

Brooks Building Solutions’ advanced analytics software is guaranteed to open your eyes to how your facility can improve its functions, so no stone is left unturned, and no opportunity is left unexplored. Our collaborative implementation process is meticulously engineered to meet your facility’s specific needs and goals; our Building Analytics solution frames your dashboard as a roadmap to success, providing up-to-date information about any pitfalls that might otherwise derail your progress toward peak performance.