Control Retrofits Are Flexible, Affordable, and Efficient

Control Retrofits

Brooks Building Solutions offers your facility an opportunity for comprehensive, state-of-the-art control of your facility’s operations with our building control replacement option. Our implementation program is a collaborative overhaul of your system, so your building’s maintenance and operations are up-to-date and user-friendly, helping you save money on energy and get real-time updates on any issues that may occur.

Brooks prides ourselves on flexible, affordable, and efficient solutions for your building’s controls specific to your needs. Enjoy control over your system as you’ve never experienced, and stay on top of issues before they become more significant problems that could affect day-to-day operations in your facility.

- 50% -

The percentage of the nation’s buildings that were built before 1980.

Benefits Of A Control Retrofit

Our control retrofits can revitalize your building and foster operations in a cohesive, cost-effective manner. We offer solutions for;

  • HVAC and lighting output
  • Energy analytics tools
  • Seamless integration for smooth transition
  • Energy Recovery

If you’re not monitoring your energy output carefully, it’s easy to incur discrepancies and overlook costly issues. Our real-time analysis tools will help you keep track of your operations as we retrofit the controls for your facility. We continuously analyze pertinent data collaboratively, so the integration of the cutting-edge solutions doesn’t hamper production in any capacity.

Operating a building with no sense of energy output required and solutions needed for necessary production is like driving a car without knowing the gas mileage—our control retrofits help you explore the critical aspects of your facility’s systems in a user-friendly interface. Make sure the vehicle you drive is one that can get you where you need to be; make sure that Brooks Building Solutions is the first name you call for improving your facility.