Manage Your Facility In One Easy-To-Use Place

Simplify Your Automation

Your goal is optimize productivity with as little maintenance and stress as possible; Brooks Building Solutions simplifies your building’s energy solutions, so you don’t have to worry about increased energy bills or maintenance issues. Our innovative, user-friendly Building Automation Systems are meticulously engineered to manage your building more efficiently. Issues that were previously considered part of the process and uncontrollable are now monitored and adjusted to your exact specifications. We offer the ultimate control over your building;

  • HVAC and lighting controls
  • Integration of legacy and proprietary control systems
  • Energy analytics tools
  • User-friendly interface across multiple stakeholders
  • Cutting-edge technology from providers like;
    • Alerton
    • BuildingLogix
    • Tridium
    • Honeywell
    • Belimo
    • Distech Controls


Catch Problems Fast

a BAS can help your building functionality!

Gain Insight

Your building shouldn’t have to function as a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle—store vital information in one place so that your Building Automation Systems can tackle multiple problems within a single platform. Critical systems, lighting, controls, and your HVAC system requirements can all be accessed at your convenience, providing optimum control over your facility.

Automating your facility allows your team to cultivate pertinent data for analysis; procedures can now be monitored in real-time, so you can see which adjustments should be addressed. If an error occurs, find out about it before it becomes an insurmountable issue that could stall your business’ production and cost you more.

View your building as a singular, comprehensive organism—optimal functionality relies on the in-sync relationship between all parts. As a system that relies on itself for the correct function you need to ensure you are monitoring your energy output correctly because, without it, it can lead to production setbacks. If your building is suffering in any capacity, it’s vital to remain on top of the issue before wrecks havoc on your building system and product. Our building automation solutions will offer you peace of mind and make your facility whole.