Want To Find Out More About Your Systems?

Commercial Energy Audit

Trust Brooks Building Solutions to be a partner with your business and help you to see how you can minimize your energy bills with a building energy audit. The goal of an energy audit is to analyze the reason behind high energy output and develop a comprehensive plan to illuminate excess expenditures. A building energy audit will give you a lot of information that can help you decide on which issues to address in your systems;

  • Operating hours
  • Inventory of all systems
  • Rates and cost of energy being used
  • Analysis of annual billing data
  • Energy balance analysis
  • Analysis of potential savings
  • Retrofit suggestions

Energy Balance Analysis:

Will predict the behavior of your network.

Why Get An Audit?

Commercial building energy audit solutions by Brooks will allow you to rectify any issues within your system that could be costing your business additional capital. Many businesses find that an investment grade audit will help them plan for the future of their company and building. Many other business projects take years to see a return on investment whereas a commercial building energy audit offers a faster, and most of the time, higher ROI for a company.

With Brooks Building Solutions we will walk you through the importance of an audit and how this information is impacting your building. The choices you can make through an energy audit is the beginning of making your building energy efficient, saving you money and getting a return on investment that many other projects can’t offer. After we’ve completed your audit, we will help you decide what the next step is for your facility. Whether it’s installing new LED lights to minimize lighting costs or replacing an old, worn-out HVAC system, we will show you the benefits of all your options as well as find the contractors and qualified technicians to fulfill your energy saving project. Brooks Building Solutions is your partner in your building energy audit and updating your systems for a money-saving future.