DOT Foods – Dyersburg, TN


With an expansive 300,994 square feet facility geared toward high production and accommodating a variety of products, DOT Foods has found their perfect energy balance thanks to Brooks Building Solutions.  DOT specializes in food redistribution: while most food companies excel at marketing and packaging their product, there are fewer properly-sized distribution centers than larger companies would like. That’s where DOT comes in—with so few manufacturers able to order food in truckload quantities, DOT buys that same amount of food and efficiently consolidates their product for safe storage and then fast delivery. DOT offers a collaborative, adjustable solution to the headache of delivering less-than-truckload quantities of food—much in the same fashion that Brooks offers a custom-made solution for our broad array of clients across a variety of industries. Like DOT, we don’t like to limit ourselves; you deserve a service that meets your specific needs, rather than expects you to adjust to their limitations.

Equipment Used:

Daikin Applied Rebel RTUs


To meet their high demand and reduce cost, DOT Foods needed a system that would remain in place and operate smoothly without frequent maintenance and expensive alterations. Daikin’s high-efficiency Rebel rooftop units were an ideal match for their needs—the Rebel’s hybrid heat technology worked for their specific location, which includes frozen, refrigerated, and ambient storage; a warehouse, a food truck, and tractor garage. The new technology from Brooks delivered superior energy efficiencies and cost savings, providing excellent ROI to DOT Foods’ owners and solidifying a future partnership.