Duval County Public Schools—Twin Lakes Academy Middle School, Jacksonville, FL


One of the most vital components for maintaining the overall health of your building is working to identify areas of improvement. Twin Lakes Academy Middle School was originally built to use constant-volume water-source heat pumps and constant-volume dedicated outside air handles. At more than 185,000 square feet, there was a fair amount of maintenance that went into keeping operations running smoothly.

As time wore on, Duval County’s facilities personnel noticed significant issues in their system—water-source heat pumps and outside air handlers were suffering from poor temperature control and pressurization problems. With narrow hallways and small mechanical rooms, options were limited. In an environment where there are hundreds of students whose health is of the utmost importance, this represented a significant issue. Thankfully, Brooks Building Solutions came up with the answer.

Equipment Used:

Daikin Applied Self-Contained Systems, ABB Model ACH550 Variable Frequency Drives, Enviro-Tec Variable Air Volume Products, Alerton BACtalk Building Automation System


Brooks’ project managers and engineers took into account the limited area they had and came up with a solution that perfectly accommodated the entire facility. Utilizing variable-volume, water-cooled, self-contained SWT units from Daikin, Brooks was able to find a solution that could handle the return air and outside air, while eliminating air units to free-up space for mechanical rooms.

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Brooks gave each classroom VAV boxes with Alerton controls, allowing for enhanced temperature control and more comfortable students and staff. Daikin SWT self-contained units measure and dehumidify the air, and are modular in construction—meaning they can be broken down and reassembled at facilities personnel’s convenience. With clear-cut targets laid out over a short period, Brooks was able to efficiently work with Duval County and deliver a solution that met all of their needs.