The next level in building automation

Building Analytics

Brooks Building Services is a proud partner of BuildingLogix Building Systems Optimization and can help you implement their unique software and hardware the gain insight into the workings of your buildings. As your partner in consultation, installation, and management, we can utilize your leveraged information on your building analytics to save you money, work more efficiently, and get customized features that will offer a secure Cloud-based solution.

As the industry’s leading building analytic technology companies, Building Logix has years of experience in understanding what their clients need to analyze their buildings’ data information successfully. A variety of software is offered to help;

  • Track emissions
  • Monitor performance
  • Manage critical systems
  • Analytics for VAV systems, RTU systems, Chiller plants, Boiler plants

Building Analytics From BuildingLogiX

Offering some of the newest technology in building analytics, we are proud to partner with BuildingLogiX and EnergyLogiX.

EnergyLogiX Software

BuildingLogix EnergyLogiX software is a high-performance software that helps you make smart decisions for your building with accurate and real-time data. Rising energy costs make this software essential for building managers or owners that are looking to rein in their energy spending. To help reduce costs and improve facility performance, this software gives a real-time view of your building, all accessible through the internet.

BuildingLogiX Hardware

As a full-service building analytics business, BuildingLogiX offers building control solutions with the proper hardware to integrate with your current building structure. Niagara hardware is one of the most open systems that integrates easily with other companies’ systems. Some solutions in hardware they offer are;

BuildingLogiX is a software and hardware business we support because they have a wide variety of building analytics offers that help our clients’ take advantage of new technology in helping them save money and improve their buildings’ environments.