Collaboration And Consistency For Mission Critical HVAC Systems

Leading Brand Technicians

Don’t leave your HVAC systems unattended when your business is relying on continuous, uninterrupted service. Brooks’ Mission Critical HVAC Systems offer you comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions to keep your system functioning and to operate at a lower cost for those systems that are critical to your business. Our service team is involved in every step of the process so that you have a partner you can trust your Mission Critical HVAC systems to if something goes wrong. From implementation to integration, from maintenance to streamlining, Brooks’ Mission Critical HVAC systems value two core concepts: collaboration and consistency. With customized installation and maintenance we help your mission-critical HVAC system continue to run smoothly by;

  • Remote or control panel monitoring
  • Maintenance plans specifically designed for critical systems
  • System redundancy
  • Single-point-failure analysis

Brooks offers brand name solutions from technicians that know the ins and outs of a system that can’t quit working. With equipment from industry-leading brands such as Daikin, Daikin-Applied, ABB, and Addison, we want to ensure that your facility is operating for your individual needs and won’t leave you wondering if everything is working well.

We know you depend on your mission critical HVAC

That’s why you depend on Brooks Building Solutions!

Critical HVAC systems

We are available 24/7 to our clients that require constant HVAC system monitoring and will keep your systems operating through potentially tricky situations. Some areas that need mission critical HVAC monitoring are;

  • Cooling rooms for IT closets
  • Air purifying systems for lead painting
  • Variable refrigerant volume systems
  • Standard and custom chillers and air handling units
  • Wide range of energy recovery systems
  • Active chilled beams, magnetic bearing chillers, and packaged chilled water plants

When you need someone immediately for those critical systems, just call one business – Brooks Building Solutions. Collaborate with a name that you trust and can turn to for emergency services and maintenance needs. For the first word in how you can maintain steady mission critical systems, call Brooks today!