Energy Surveys, Product Retrofits, Financial Analysis, Maintenance – Our Engineers Do It All!

Not sure how to plan the best HVAC system?

Brooks Building Solutions will help you plan for the development of your project.

What Can Our Engineers Do For You?

Our engineers are well-versed in the design and installation of a system for all types and brands of equipment from a wide range of vendors including chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air handlers, variable frequency drives, rooftop units, split systems, and computerized controls. They are accustomed to the products and warranties offered by our vendor partners and can help you make the most informed decision on any issues you may have.

Our team of engineers can even provide:

  • Energy Surveys Where, when, and how is your energy is being used? We can provide you with data about your facility that you can use to make informed decisions when it comes to troubleshooting existing systems for weaknesses.
  • HVAC Network Design  By understanding every brand unit, our engineers can use that knowledge to find the best design and system for your new building.
  • Financial Analysis How much does your system cost to run? Energy costs increase as a system ages and loses its efficiency. It is a smart decision to learn how much this is costing your company and what you can save through improvements, a retrofit, or a complete redesign.